Registering your portfolio is quick and easy. Once complete, an activation code will be sent to you in the post allowing you to activate and login to your account.

Before you start, install an authenticator app:

On your phone, install the Microsoft Authenticator app or Google Authenticator app from your IOS App Store or Android Play Store.

What you will need to register:

  • Your Investor ID as shown on a recent Share Certificate/Dividend Tax Voucher issued by Share Registrars.
  • Hold shares in a Share Registrars company that allows investors to register on our website.

Please note: You can check if the company allows investors to register on our website here.

If you are using a public or shared computer, clearing your cache after the Registration process may help protect your privacy. If you don't clear your cache, then anyone who uses the computer after you may be able to see your browser history.


You will need your Investor ID and the name of at least one of your holdings.

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